Carbon Dioxide - CO2


Synonyms: Carbon Dioxide


Molecular Weight: 44.01



 Colorless, odorless, non-combustible gas.


Density: d 1.527(air=1)


Melting point(5.2 atm.): -56.6 C


Sublimes( 1 atm. ): -78.48 C



   More soluble at higher pressure. less soluble in alcohol, other neutral organic solvents. Absorbed by alkaline solution with the formation of carbonates and bicarbonates.


Average Analysis: 99.9%



Liquid: packed in steel cylinders under pressure.

Dry ice: produced in block form.



In the carbonation of beverages, manufacture of carbonates, in fire prevention and extinction, for controlling flammable materials during manufacture, handling and transfer, as propellant in aerosols, as dry ice for refrigeration, to produce harmless smoke or fumes on stage, as antiseptic in bacteriology and in the frozen food industry.





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