Nitrogen - N2


Synonyms: Nitrogen


Atomic Weight: 14.0067



 Colorless, odorless gas  


Condenses to liquid of Boiling Point: -195.79C


Solidifies to a solid Melting Point: -210.01 C


Average Analysis: 99.99%

-Oxygen content of product 3 ppm (v/v) max.

-water dew point of product blew -100C.



Gas form: in steel cylinders under pressure.

liquid form: in special tanks.



  In  manufacture of ammonia, nitric acid...etc, in filling high temperature thermometers, incandescent bulbs, to form an inert atmosphere for preservation of materials, for use in dry boxes or glove bags. Liquid nitrogen in food-freezing process, and in the laboratory as a coolant. 




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