Copper Sulphat



  Cupric sulfate pentahydrate, Blue vitriol; Bluestone, Blue coppers.


Molecular Weight: 249.68



 Blue crystals or crystalline granules or powder, Slowly effloescent in air.


Bulk Weight: 1.620


pH: pH of 0.2 molar aq. solution = 4.0



 Soluble in water; methanol, glycerol, Sparingly soluble in alcohol.


Quality control:

 Analytical methods 


Average Analysis:

 Copper sulfate  97%



 Chemical resistant gloves. safety goggles. 


Toxicity Data:

  LD50 orally in rat 960/kg


Health Hazards:

 Toxic by ingestion; strong irritant.


First Aid:

 in case of contact with skin; wash plenty of water .



 50 Kg woven plastic bag.


 In tightly closed containers, in a cool dry place.


Decomposition Products: Toxic fumes.



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Used as antidote (phosphorus); as topical antifungal; as fungicide for plants; as anthelmintic and emetic.




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