Sodium Phosphate Dibasic ( Anhydrous ) NaH2 PO4



  Sodium dihydrogen phosphate; Sodium biphosphate; Sodium acid phosphate.


Molecular Weight: 119.98



 White crystalline powder.


Melting Point:

205 c (with decomposition)


Bulk Weight:2.04


pH: of 0.1 molar solution = 4.5 at 25c



Very soluble in water.


Quality Control:  

Analytical methods 


Average Analysis:

  Assay not less than 99%



 Using appropriate chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles, other protective clothing. 


Toxicity Data:

  Orl-rat  LD50: 8290mg/kg.


Health Hazards:

 May be harmful by inhalation, ingestion, or skin absorption. Cause eye and skin irritation.


First Aid:

 in case of  contact, wash eye with plenty of water. In case of skin contact; wash with soap and plenty of water, If inhaled  remove to fresh air.



  polyethylene bags, capacity 50 kg.



 In well ventilated place with mechanical exhaust, in tightly closed containers.



we generally ship our chemicals in accordance with the method specified or implied by our order. However we reserve the right to change this method for certain hazardous chemicals which, when required by regulations or in our judgment, can not be shipped safely by the method specified or implied.



 As sequestrant, emulsifier and buffer in foods. As mordant in dyeing; In manufacture  of enamels, ceramics, detergents. As  fire proofing agent and buffer in analytical chemistry.





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