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Physical and Chemical Properties Of Active Ingredient:


Usage: Used for snail vector control


Chemical Name: 5,2' Dichloro - 4' Nitrosalicylanilide Ethanolamine


Empirical Formula: C15H15Cl2N3O5


Molacular Weight: 388.2


Appearance: An orange - yellow fine powder


Melting point: 218 - 220o C


Solubility: 230 ppm 50 ppm in distilled water at room temperature and  solubility  decreases in hard water.     


Physical and Chemical Properties of UCCMALUSCIDE

UCCMALUSCIDE is an orange - yellow fine powder, water dispersible containing a homogeneous mixture of the active ingredient with certain additives to improve serviceability.


Particle Size: Not less than 96% of the powder pass through 47um sieve.


PH: 7.2 - 7.5 (2ppm solution)


Active Ingredient% : 83.1% (w/w) niclosamide ethanolamine salt corresponding to 70%niclosamide content.


Suspensibility: 63% ( NLT 50% )


Amine Contents: 16 %



Light: A suspension of UCCMALUSCIDE in water is certainly less influenced by strong light and ultraviolet radiation, when compared with other molluscicides as soduim pentachlorophinate.


Soluble salts in water: Variable concentrations of the common salts in water as calcium and magnesium do not significantly influence the effectiveness of UCCMALUSCIDE.



UCCMALUSCIDE retains its full activity at temperatures ranging between 14 and 35oC. However, its activity decreases as the temperature falls, due to reduced metabolism of the snails at low temperature.

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