UCCMA Iodophor


UCCMA-Iodophor is a concentrated disinfectant based on molecular iodine dissolved in micelles of detergents in an aqueous solution. 



UCCMA-Iodophor is used for  disinfection of instruments, equipment, surfaces, skin, wounds, etc. in hospitals, agriculture, and industries. UCCMA-Iodophor is effective against all common bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.



UCCMA-Iodophor consists of 2.5 % iodine in an aqueous solution of dispersing detergents.


Use:   0.4-2% solution in water.


Appearance:  Clear brown liquid.


Active Ingredients: 

Available iodine 2.4-2.6%  .



UCCMA-Iodophor is miscible with water.



  UCCMA-Iodophor must not be mixed with organic substances, because the activity will be reduced. UCCMA-Iodophor must not be used in connection with silver, copper, brass and chlorine-containing products.


Shelf life:

3 years, store at temp. below 40 ºC.



gallon containg 4 L.





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