Tr. Iodine 2.5%



Iodine 2.5%; Potassium Iodide 2.5% and Ethyl Alcohol up to 100 ml.  



It is an antiseptic solution which is effective against all common bacteria ,Fungi ,Spores and some viruses.



It is indicated for degerming skin , wounds and mucous membranes or to protect against infections.



Hyper-sensitivity to Iodine.


Directions for use:

Local application as paint with sterile gauze or as a wet dressing.It can be repeated if necessary.

The disadvantage of skin staining can overcome by repeated washing with tap water.


Adverse Effects:

 Locally may cause skin irritation to some patients.



 store in proper conditions in well closed container away from heat and light.


Packing: 10-15-30-250 ml bottles






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