UCCMADIN® (Povidone-Iodin 10% )

                             Antseptic solution


Contains  Povidone Iodine  10% w/v.



UCCMADINE® has the broad microbicidal spectrum of iodine, but it is free of the undesirable features and disadvantages associated with elemental iodine. It is lethal to gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria fungi protozoa spores and viruses. It is active against antibiotic- resistant microorganisms. No resistance to UCCMADINE® microbicides has been observed. They have an immediate onset and prolonged duration of action. Their activity is not affected by blood, pus, soap or bile.

UCCMADINE® Antiseptic Solution is well tolerated on skin, mucosal tissue and in wounds. The prepared sites are clearly visible by the golden brown color this color is also an indication for the remaining microbicidal activity.   It can be washed off from skin and natural fabrics



UCCMADINE® Solution is indicated for degerming skin, wounds and mucous membranes in numerous hospital and office procedures. Antiseptic preparation of skin and mucosa prior to surgery, injection and aspirations.

Antiseptic treatment of lacerations, abrasions and burns and disinfection of wounds (traumatic or surgical). Postoperative application to surgical incisions to protect against infection. Prophylactic painting of the umbilical stump in newborns. Degerming skin and mucosa for obstetric and gynecologic procedures.Treatment of bacterial and mycotic infection of skin and mucosa.


Direction for use:

Local application as paint with sterile gauze or as a wet dressing.

Dilutions: For skin disinfection undiluted, for wound disinfection undiluted, for irrigation of body 1:10 - 1:20 with saline, for bathing solution 1:100 (presurgical) - 1:1000 (hygienic).


Contra Indication:

 Should not be used in cases of known Iodine sensitivity.



In bottles containing 60 ml,120 ml gallon containing 4 L.




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