UCCMADIN® (Povidone-Iodin 7.5%)

                                           Surgical Scrub Microbicidal Skin Cleansing Soap.


Contains  Povidone Iodine 7.5% w/v.



UCCMADINE® has the broad microbicidal spectrum of iodine but is free of the undesirable features and disadvantages associated with elemental iodine. It is lethal to gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria , fungi , protozoa , spores and viruses it is active against antibiotic- resistant microorganism. No resistance to UCCMADINE® microbicides has been observed. They have an immediate onset and prolonged duration of action , Their activity is not affected by blood , pus , soap or bile.

UCCMADINE® Surgical Scrub is a foaming solution for disinfection and degreasing of hands. Its prompt prolonged non-selective microbicidal activity against the full spectrum of microorganisms prevents recolonization by pathogens over a period of 3 hours. It is virtually non-irritating to skin and mucosa , non-stinging. It can be washed off from skin and natural fabrics



UCCMADINE® Surgical Scrub is an effective skin antiseptic it is indicated for:

-Degerming of the hands pre-and postoperatively and in wards.

-Preoperative prepping of the patient’s skin

-Whenever a germicidal detergent is needed in the physician’s office either for hand degerming or  the preparation of the patient’s skin.



Discontinue in rare instances of local sensitivity. Use with care in newborns.


Packing :

 gallon containing 4 L.




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