UCCMA Furan Ointment

(Topical Antibacterial in a soluble base)



 Each 100 gm contains 200 mg Nitrofurazone



 Nitrofurazone is a synthetic antibacterial related chemically to nitrofurantion It acts as bactericidal against most Gram ve and Gram + ve organisms that cause surface infections including many bacterial strains which have developed resistance to antibiotics. Its activity against pseudomonas aeruginosa and some strains of proteus is limited, also it is not active against fungi.



 Pyodermas (impetigo, foliculitis, furuncles,.. etc).

Bacterial infection of wounds, burns, and ulcers


Side effects:

 Occasionally occur in the form of hypersensitivity reactions.

Contact dermatitis some times occurs specially when treatment extends for more than 5 days with daily application.



 History of hypersensitivity to Nitrofurazone.


Administration and dosage:  

Apply directly to lesion or place on gauze to be applied daily or every few days.



 It should be stored below 30 oC and protected from light.



  Plastic tube contains 50 gm or aluminum tube contains 20 gm.






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