Flumequine 20% Oral Solution


  Each 100 ml contain Flumequine 20 gm.



1- Strong bactericidal activity and quick diffusion.

2- Quick metabolism avoids the user the problems of residues. 

3- Can be use safely during laying period for layer and breeders.



Prevention & treatment of digestive and respiratory diseases which caused by Gram-ve & Gram + ve bacteria. Flumequine reach its highest concentration in plasma in less than 2hrs. It is well distributed and reach to diffrent tissues in the body and reach to an affection treatment concentration in these tissues affect susceptible bacteria after the first dose. 



  for poultry- duck, geese and rabbits 12 mg of Flumequine per kg Body weight for 3 to 5 days.1ml / 2 litre of drinking water during 3-4 consecutive abuoys 



1- Contraindicated in conjunction with Trimethoprim & Nitrofuran derivatives.

2- Store in  cool & dry place away from direct sunlight.


Withdrawal Time:

  4 days edible eggs and tissue.




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