Chloramphenicol 20% W.S.P



 Each 100 gm contain 20 gm chloramphenicol.



- Chloramphenicol is abroad spectrum antibiotic active against Gm+ve, Gm-ve bacteria, spirochaetes and rickettsiae.

- After administration within 2 hrs. blood levels of it is increased, which are mintained for at least 24 hrs. 



  Gastroenteritis, pneumoina, polyarthritis, metritis, infections of urinary tract and infectious diarrhea.



1- Hypersensitivity to chloramphenicol, in newborns, liver dysfunction.

2- Not administered during gestation and lactation period.

3- Not used in cases of mastitis. 


Sid effects:

 Long term treatment may cause reversible depression of hematopieosis, intestinal disturbances and seldom an irreversable bone marrow toxicity resulting in fatal aplastic anemia.


Drug interactions: 

1- Chloramphenicol can inhibit the hepatic metabolism of several drugs including phenobarbital and pentobarbital.

2- Possible antagonism with bactericide antibiotic such as Penicillin, Amino glycosides and Cephalosporines.

3- Rifampin may decrease serum Chloramphenicol level.



 40 - 80 mg./kgm. body weight.


Withdrawal Time: 

1- Meat 3 weeks.

2- Milk  3 days.


Packing: 200 gm, 500 gm 



 Cool dry place away from direct sunlight.



1- Stability 2-3 years.

2- Medicated water should be supplied within 24 hrs.




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