Colistin Sulphate W.S.P


 Each 100gm contains Colistin sulphate 600 M.I.U.


Action & Indications:

* Colistin has a strong and rapid bactericidal activity against Gram-ve bacteria as Salmonella & Escherichia coli.

* Colistin adheres to the bacterial cell wall & then passes into the cell membrane resulting decreasing the surface tension and the membrane destroyed.

* Colistin is poorly absorbed from GIT so it is used in gastro - intestinal infections as Colibacillosis and Salmonellosis.


Dosage & Administrations:


Prophylactic: 1gm./5 liter of drinking water for 3 days.

Treatment: 1gm./3 liter of drinking water for 3-5 days. or 1gm/5 kg feed for 5 days.

Calves: 40.000 I.U. / kg body weight for 3-5 days 

1gm / 20kg milk replacer.


Withdrawal Period:  24 Hours.


Packing: 100 gm 



  Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.





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