Piperazine Citrate


Piperazine citrate according to B.P or u.s.p. or Eu.p.



*Piperazine is an effective anthelmintic given by mouth as a drench or in food.

*Piperazine is used for treatment of:

- As caridia in digs

- As  caridia & calpillaria in poultry

- Ascaridia and oxyuris in sheep, cattle & horses


Dosage& Administrations: 

- The after mentioned doses must be repeated after 2-3 weeks to kill the larval stages.

Poultry: 100gm /100 lit. drinking water or to be mixed with 50-100kg feed.

* This dose is sufficient to treat:

- 1000 chickens below 6 weeks of age (0.1gm / bird)

- or 500 chickens over6 weeks age (0.2gm / bird)

- or 500 turkeys below 12 weeks of age (0.2gm / bird)

- or 250 turkeys below 12-18 weeks of age (0.8gm / bird)

Large animals: 40 gm /100 kg body weight either dissolved in water or mixed with feed.


Withdrawal time: 24 hours.


Packing: 500 gm.



store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.





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