Potassium Citrate


potassium citrate 

according to B.P or Eu.p.



*Potassium citrate  is urine alkalinizer used as mild diuretic.

*Potassium citrate used to minimize urinary tract inflamation resulting from different types of Pathogens.

- Potassium citrate used for flushing of kidneys after treatment with sulphonamide therapy. 

- Potassium citrate also used as mild laxative.


Dosage& Administration: 

Poultry: 0.1gm /kg body weight for 3 days in drinking water.


cattle, sheep & goat: 0.2 gm / kg body weight for 2 days in drinking water.


Packing: 1Kg.



 store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.




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