Each 1000 gm contains:

Calcium propionate 200gm; Magnesium sulphate 134.85 gm;Zinc sulphate 0.1gm; Copper sulphate 0.45gm; Sodium selenite 0.1gm; Sodium propionate 400gm; Ferrous sulphate 0.4gm; Manganese. sulphate 0.2gm; Cobalt chloride 0.4gm.



  UCCMADIGEST is used in the following cases:

1- GIT disturbances. 

2- Indigestion.

3- Food intoxication. 

4- Diarrhea and Enteritis.

5- Appetizer and general tonic.



 100 gm / 1-2 liter drinking water and given by stomach tube or by bottle.

Cattles & Horses: 100 gm / head.

Calves, sheep & goats: 25 gm / head


Packing: 100 gm.



 Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.





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